Wealth Management

According to the Brazilian Support Service for Small Companies (SEBRAE), approximately 90% of Brazilian companies are family-owned, but only 33% manage to reach the second generation, and only 5% survive into the third generation. This data clearly shows that the organizational structure of these family businesses is fragile and lack professional management. Additionally, the confusion between the partners private assets and the companies’ routine operation activities may put the family estate at risk. In most of the cases analyzed, it is false, the perception that having a holding company may represent sufficient protection.

The focus of ASBZ’s Wealth Management practice is to protect and strengthen the company and the family business in all aspects involved: the review of the corporate documents, drawing up an efficient succession tax plan, implementation of anti-corruption and corporate governance policies that are necessary to enable the adoption of preventive measures that will safeguard companies through troubled waters or exposure to high risks as well as secure protection to the family with a succession plan that is less costly by setting apart the companies activities from the private family business.

To render these services, we rely on an interdisciplinary inspired team that is aware of its responsibilities and that have the necessary sensibility for the estate planning success.

By providing private services to the partners and their children, we help families to strengthen their business for many generations to come, with continuous growth conquered along decades of hard word.