In the face of a complex, competitive and global business landscape, each day more in tune with technology, the multidisciplinary knowledge of tax issues has proved to be a key element to achieve results and to prevent risks to companies, institutions and individuals.

ASBZ’s tax department has an avant-garde approach, adopting a systemic view that jointly analyses tax questions, macroeconomic issues, operational, accounting, competition, financing, reputation, statistics, international tax issues while in strict observance of the current legislation, court decisions, compliance rules and corporate governance.

The practice comprises experienced professionals, focusing on being both responsive and precise when identifying and anticipating solutions; it is proactive when exploring all scenarios that could optimize the tax structures of our clients, after a thorough analysis of their history, propositions and business.

Our tax practice mission is to provide services with excellence and to take on the role of being a transforming agent in its field of action. With the expertise to advise on a wide scope of tax law, including international tax and customs tax, the Tax practice at ASBZ has many regularly been recommended by the market and by the most important legal directories in Brazil and abroad. Most recently, CONFEB 2017 named ASBZ as one of the three best tax law firms in Brazil.