Retail and Consumer Products

Retailing is a vibrant industry, with countless problems and variable circumstances for the success of the business. The legal positioning of the companies is strategic and has significant relevance in the final sale price formation and business success.

ASBZ has a multidisciplinary team of professionals with recognized experience in retail operations and in-depth knowledge of the daily needs and difficulties faced by the sector.

Working with professionals from the civil, consumer, labor, tax and corporate areas, we develop strategic, integrated and consistent work considering all aspects of the retail business and its impact on the routine of the companies.

Consumer trends and demands, channels, automation, opportunities, pressure on costs, operational models, management, shareholder value, big data, new markets, social and environmental impacts of the business: all these variables are carefully examined to carve out the best solutions or to turn around adverse scenarios.

The boldness in the creation of differentiated arguments, focused on solving problems, is only possible because of an extremely close partnership between the clients’ legal departments and our team.

This alignment allows for high-quality technical and sectoral understanding, with direct effects on ordinary and strategic judicial demands, as well as replies to queries and the creation of new possibilities.

We assist important retail multinational companies, in the technology, electronics, services and fashion sectors, with emphasis and vast experience in the supermarket segment.