Real Estate and Litigation

Our Real Estate and Litigation practice encompasses the conception, structuring, financing, drafting of documents, negotiation, finalization, implementation, development, operation, commercialization, administration and dispute resolution of cases involving urban, rural and leasehold properties, developments, contractual relations and all related procedures.

With regard to the concept of real estate transactions, we focus on our client’s goals. We understand the markets where our clients operate and offer innovative, bold and responsible solutions.

Turning now to structuring, we make a difference when considering not only the aspects of the intended business but also any tax, regulatory and corporate issues, to achieve the desired goals.

Imagination and creativity are the most used tools when advising on real estate financing transactions, especially when they are bound to credit, real estate, project rights, corporate stakes, and personal guarantees; these must be linked to each other and with the secured business, to provide security to the client, together with and celerity in the execution of these guarantees.

Sustainability, transforming ideas, commitment and sensibility are our drivers in the implementation, development, commercialization and administration of real estate developments. We seek clarity in the allocation of each party’s rights and obligations, in line with the economic context of the contractual relationship, accurately balancing the burdens and bonuses of the business relationships.

We have the courage to question when solving disputes, and work in close partnership with our clients’ technical teams.

Marcelo Valença, head of the practice, has been recognized in Real Estate practice by Chambers Latin America 2018, one of the world’s most prestigious legal market directories.