New employment relations and human resources dynamics emerge daily, making the labor practice essential to make a business viable in the corporate environment when faced by insecurities in the economy, legislation and court decisions.

Our team has vast experience and expertise in several segments of labor law with a multidisciplinary approach working in collaboration with other areas of law (e.g. civil law, contracts, tax, real estate, and corporate law). The result is optimised assitance with emphasis on preventive actions, creating internal policies, definition of strategies for collective bargaining negotiations, planning for mitigation of risks, especially related to hiring and dismissal of professionals, remuneration packages, benefits, working hours and collective desmissal.

Also, we conduct strategic actions, by their complexity and topics involved, brought by former board members or actions involving discriminatory accusations, criminal practices, sexual and moral harassment, death by accidents and dismissal of employees who acquired stability by law and collective bargaining.

The practice has been recognized by the Brazilian publication, Análise Advocacia 500.