Data Protection, Digital Law and Intellectual Property

In the context of an increasingly data driven world, with innovations often exceeding the speed of legislative update, companies must be prepared and well advised on technology-related issues.

Careful use of personal data, attention to information technology and protection of intellectual property rights can avoid immense financial and reputational damages.

Based on the above, ASBZ’s Data Protection, Digital Law and Intellectual Property team is dedicated to the prevention and resolution of issues involving new technological issues, by providing highly specialized advice to its clients.

We conduct advisory and litigation matters related to technology and the digital world (including the protection of personal data and information security) and to the protection and licensing of intangible assets (including trademarks, patents, industrial designs, trade names, slogans, domain names and copyrights). We also advise on the preparation, review and negotiation of agreements, policies and terms of use involving digital rights, such as software development and licensing agreements, provision of cloud services and privacy policies.