Participative Management

Professional management with the participation of all members: this is ASBZ’s work model, which reflects our way of building a unique environment.

Here, everyone has a voice. We are open to opinions and believe that we can go much further when we share knowledge, think as a network, and promote the interaction of managers and teams, with autonomy and transparent communication.

We stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit and focus on both the continuing improvement of our management model and the development of our abilities.

We dedicate our most precious assets to our professionals: time and attention to share experiences and help their development, focusing on the dissemination of ideas and ideals, thus integrating more synergy and consistency into our initiatives to render legal services with excellence.

We always look for what is new. We seek to be different in an environment that values co-operation, imagination, and merit.

The current Executive Board is composed of:

Alfredo Zucca: Chief Executive Officer
Aitan Portela: Chief Financial Officer
Guilherme Amaral: Client Relations Officer
Ricardo Melaré: Human Resources Management Officer